“She’s done such fabulous work this season which you will see. She’s an absolute pleasure.” - Peter Capaldi on working with Jenna Coleman

Elie Saab Spring-Summer 2014 Haute Couture

I see into your soul, Doctor. I see beauty, I see divinity, I see…hatred.

So if we’re gonna do this, then I think you’re just gonna have to t a k e  m e  w i t h  y o u , then.


Fangirl Challenge ♔ [1/5] cartoons | Young Justice

Just don’t die, ok? And no unnecessary risks to the squad.


Spanish is a beautiful language. You don’t say “I love you” in Spanish, you say “yo quiero comer culo” which translates to “you are the light of my life” which I think is one of the most beautiful things to say to someone

                       I see into your soul, Doctor.
                                                           I see beauty.
                                                                     I see divinity.
                                                                               I see… hatred.